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What We Do

Backtest Your Design
InvestorsEdge allows you To backtest your trading ideas by providing you With a powerful yet intuitive strategy designer.
19 years of price, fundamental and estimate data
Members get access to 19 years worth Of In depth daily price, fundamental And analyst estimate data from a Global database Of 83,562 securities across 270 different countries.
Run live strategies
Once ready For the real world, InvestorsEdge tracks your strategy's daily performance and sends you trade entry and exit suggestions automatically.
Attract subscribers to your strategies
Members can monetise their successful strategies by publishing them And attracting paying subscribers.
1.7 million+ Daily Prices
1.5 million+ Fundamental Reports
800,000+ Dividend Records

How we do it, in 4 easy steps...

Step 1
Select Your Securities

Select Your Securities

The Universe Designer allows you To narrow down the list Of stocks that you want To analyse On any given Date In the past 19 years.

Universes can be As simple As "give me all US securities" Or more complex, such As "all securities domiciled in Germany, France and the UK with a Return On Equity greater than 10% and the most recent EPS estimate above currently reported EPS". You choose from any combination Of 300+ data points stored against Each security.

Step 2
Rank Your Universe

Rank Your Universe

You Then rank your universe so that the securities most likely To show the highest returns appear at the top Of your list.

The InvestorsEdge ranking system Is simple And intuitive yet extremely powerful, allowing you To choose one Or more Of 300+ data points For Each security In our database. From In depth Income, Balance Sheet And Cashflow statement factors And ratios through To more complex data items such As Altman Z-Scores And Piotroski numbers, InvestorsEdge provides you With the tools To fine tune your strategies.

Step 3
Apply Your Trading Rules

Apply Your Trading Rules

Apply trading rules To define how InvestorsEdge should simulate trading your strategy between the dates you specify.

Select simulated periods, commissions, slippage And Stop levels To manage your trades. You can add trading rules To control When a position Is entered Or exited, And apply a benchmark To see how your strategy performed compared With the real world.

Step 4
Backtest Your Design

Backtest Your Design

InvestorsEdge will backtest your Strategy To show you the theoretical returns And performance between the dates you specify.

The InvestorsEdge backtester uses point In time data To elimate survivorship bias issues, And has been designed To reduce issues such As overfitting Of data To your trading idea by automatically Using In Sample And Out Of Sample backtest periods. A completed backtest publishes a wealth Of information In graphical, tabular And statistical format To allow you To assess a strategy's strengths and weaknesses.