Strategies / List

Clicking on the Strategies link on the menu bar at the top of the page allows you to see your list of strategies:

Strategy list

By default the list displays all strategies that have been created by you. The list is sorted so that the most recently edited strategies are displayed first, and you can scroll down the screen and page through the list to see older records.

You may also search for a strategy by entering its name in the search box and pressing return. To return to viewing all items in the list simply click on the search input box and press escape.

You can also elect to view other strategies on the platform:

  • Community Strategies are those whose visibility has been set to InvestorsEdge Community, and can be seen by any user who is logged in to the platform. 
  • InvestorsEdge Strategies show the standard InvestorsEdge models. 
  • Public Strategies are those whose visibility has been has been set to Public and can be seen by any user. 

Finally, clicking on Create New Strategy will take you to a blank form for you to start designing a new strategy.