Once you are happy with your backtested strategy, you should spend a period of time 'paper trading it to see if it works in real life. The InvestorsEdge platform gives you the option to test a strategy by selecting the Test option from the Action menu:

Strategy Name, Description and Starting Cash will all default to settings from the source model, but can be amended here if you want to make changes.

A real time strategy can be set two one of two different types:

  • Typically you will paper trade your strategy for a period of months before committing actual money to it. Test Strategies allow you to do this, and may either be rebalanced Automatically, where the system will prompt you with recommendations and then automatically commit them after 24 hours, or Manually where you must personally commit any changes to the database.
  • Live Strategies are strategies that you have invested real money in. All suggestions for opening and closing positions within a live strategy must be manually confirmed by the author. 

Clicking on the Convert button converts a copy of your backtested strategy to a real time model.