AtlasScript is a simple yet powerful formula language that allows you to manipulate the data held within the InvestorsEdge platform.

You can use AtlasScript to retrieve data values or perform calculations such as addition and multiplication or set-base computations, e.g. moving averages.

The AtlasScript editor appears in a number of places, and below is an example of the Universe section:


To be included in a strategy's universe a security must meet the following criteria:

  • EPS (earnings per share) for the current quarter must be greater than the previous quarter.
  • Piotoroski F Score must equal 9.

The second requirement (Closing Price must be greater than the Closing Price from 120 periods ago) is ignored because it is disabled. Click on the red symbol to enable it and include the criteria in the strategy.

A row may be added by clicking on the Click to add new row option. Existing rows may be deleted by clicking on the trash button and confirming.

The system will highlight errors in your formulae:


When typing in the editor the system will prompt with a list of formula functions that you may choose from:


Pressing the tab button will automatically fill the editor with the top item in the list.