The Properties section of a strategy defines high level information that is changed infrequently. This section is shown by default whilst creating a new strategy and is hidden for subsequent version. The hidden information may be displayed by pressing the Properties title at the top left of the form.

Information captured within the properties section is:

  • Name - The name of the strategy (100 characters max).
  • Description - A description of the strategy.
  • Currency - The base currency that the strategy will use to hold cash and report in.
  • Visibility - Who can see the strategy:
    • Private - Just you.
    • Community - Any user with a login.
    • The Whole World - Anyone.
  • Benchmark - The instrument to be used as a benchmark.
  • In Sample Dates - The date range for your In Sample period.
  • Out of Sample Dates - The date range for your Out Of Sample period.
  • Full Sample Dates - The date range for your Full Sample period.