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InvestorsEdge is a simple yet powerful trading management platform that allows you to develop a trading concept from an idea through to a fully backtested trading strategy.

Our platform gives you access to a global database of historical data, including end of day share prices and point in time fundamental and analyst estimate information, which you can leverage to build high quality trading strategies.

Once your trading model is developed, tested and live, the platform will suggest opening and closing trading positions on a schedule of your choosing. Additionally, monetise your strategies by using the InvestorsEdge website to publish and market your idea to paying subscribers.

The InvestorsEdge platform provides a web based platform through which you can:

  • Select a universe of stocks based on size, geographical region, sector or any other factor within our database.
  • Rank your selected stocks by criteria you specify. Ranking allows you to sort companies from best to worst using criteria you specify, and then converts each to a percentile score.
  • Define your strategy, which denotes trading rules for buying and selling shares together with rules for how a portfolio is put together and rebalanced.
  • Backtest your strategies against historical data stretching back over 17 years to determine how successful your idea would have been.
  • Paper trade with your tested strategies as if you were using real money.
  • Manage a live portfolio of stocks, with the InvestorsEdge platform suggesting changes to your positions on a regular basis.
  • Publish your strategy onto the InvestorsEdge website and attract paying subscribers to follow you and receive trading suggestions.

No, we are not a brokerage firm.

Yes, all data costs are included in your subscription.

The InvestorsEdge is powered by data from Factset. We take Factset’s global data feeds and structure them to give in depth access to:

  • End of day price feeds
  • Fundamental data sourced from company’s financial statements
  • Analyst Estimates and revisions
  • Dividend data
  • Shares Outstanding and Stock Splits

All data is “point in time”, meaning that during the backtesting process of developing a trading strategy the InvestorsEdge platform recreates the data as it was known at the time.

Our data feeds go back to 1st January 2000.

InvestorsEdge is a versatile platform that can be used to design virtually any kind of trading idea. The type of data provided by the platform makes it particularly suited to developing quantitative strategies.

No, you cannot build day trading strategies with InvestorsEdge.

InvestorsEdge has a vibrant community who all work together to help others, so the answer to your questions are only ever a few mouse clicks away.

Additionally, InvestorsEdge staff are always contactable via email with any queries.

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Our contracts run on a monthly basis. We’d rather see you stay, but you can cancel your subscription at any time without notice.

Click on the Sign Up button at the bottom of this page and fill in some basic details, and then you are ready to start developing!

Once signed up, you can either learn how to use the system from our online videos that will quickly get you up to speed with building successfully strategies, or you can just dive straight in, pick one of our pre-designed models and start modifying it to suit your trading style and requirements.

If you desperately want to leave us, just go to your account menu, choose Manage Account and select Cancel My Membership.

Like what you're seeing?
Try our FREE 30 day trial And test your strategies against historical data immediately